Mounting then keeping them in FSTAB


In older versions of opensuse you could put your mounts in FSTAB to keep em in your system.
Now with the newest version of opensuse i cant get fstab to work… i put my old lines in the file but it crashed my system.

/dev/sdb1 /server/FTP-Data ext4 defaults 0 0

How do i keep my mounts? I dont want to do them over and over again when rebooting my system.


I normaly do add them to my fstab using YaST > System > Partitioner. Of course NOT formating an existing file system, but providing the mount point.

BTW “crashing my system” is not a very informative message. Do you realy have no clue whatsoever (console message, logging)?

It just goes in to some sort of recovery mode after adding my lines in fstab.
Also, i am mounting through command-line… so i am not using Yast.

I was mentioning YaST, because then it is not easy to make mistakes. You can of course edit your fstab yourself. but how can we decide if

/dev/sdb1	/server/FTP-Data	ext4	defaults	0 0 			 		

is correct or not?
We do not know if /dev/sdb1 is realy the partition you think it is, we can not check if the mouunt point /server/FTP-Data exists, nor can we check if the file system is of type ext4.

Do you mean that after exiting your editor (adding the line to /etc/fstab), the system immediatly goes into recovery mode? Without you doing a mount or a reboot?

Well, that line is correct because it used to work in older versions of openSUSE.
I made the partitions with mkfs.ext4 and /server/ftp-data is the correct directory.
After i close my editor and reboot my system it doesnt boot to kde anymore… can start it with startx either.

I am not convinced that /dev/sdb1 is correct, because it was once. It could be, but it is not proven. things like sda, sdb, etc, are not fixed. It is not for nothing that YaST/openSUSE uses the /dev/disk/by-id symlinks by default.

Did you check what is reported on the console during boot (hit the Esc key)?

Did you check the entry by doing after the adding

mount -a

so you can see if it mounts or gives errors?

The device name might have changed.
Please post the output of “fdisk -l”.

Nothing has changed in regards to fstab.

After i close my editor and reboot my system it doesnt boot to kde anymore… can start it with startx either.

Of course. If a partition cannot be mounted (and does not have the “nofail” mount option), the system switched to emergency mode, allowing you to fix the problem.
You cannot start Xorg in emergency mode. You have to exit emergency mode first (as the message should tell you), then booting should continue.

Try to run “systemctl status /server/FTP-Data” to see why it fails.
And/or add “nofail” as mount option (instead of or in addition to “defaults”), and you should get to KDE again.

Might be my mistake not to mention that i am running this in vmware 10.
And i am 100% sure that SDB1 is correct.

First i did this:
Fdisk /dev/sdb

After that i did this:
Mkfs.ext4 –L ftp-data /dev/sdb1

Then i unmounted it from the current directory
umount /var/run/media/root/Web-Data

then mounted to:
mount /dev/sdb1 /server/FTP-Data

Ofcourse all directorys are there.

Here is a screenshot of fdisk -l

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I figured i better downgrade to 12.3… this fixes all my problems for now.