Mounting Synology NAS in openSUSE Leap 42.3


I am currently struggling to set up my new Synology DS218j in a VirtualBox running openSUSE LEAP 42.3 (guest) from Windows 10 (host).
The VirtualBox framework is probably not related to the below described problem but I prefer mentioning it for the sake of a more exhaustive description of the issue.
I tried to follow the instructions from the official Synology website :
But I am currently stuck at the point where I need to mount the volume using the following command:

>sudo mount -t nfs
sudo: mount -t nfs: command not found

I checked the packages and I do have nfs installed through the package yast2-nfs-common.
Could someone please tell me why the “nfs” type is not recognized? I am obviously missing something :-S

From a wider perspective, is it not possible to mount the NAS through the local network, just like a mapped network drive in Windows?
This question is probably stupid but I quite don’t understand why I need to allow access from the Internet using NFS in order to mount the NAS.

Thank you very much in advance for your help,



This would mean that the mount command can not be found.

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