Mounting Slave Drive

So now, after the fantastic help you guys have given and 11.1 gets me on line, I have another problem.

I want to mount the old partitioned drive with all my data as a slave and then transfer to the new system. Scouring manuals does not seem to provide the help. But I bet you guys can! :’( Have fiddled around with settings in fstab without the required result. As I remember, disk was partitioned with home, root and swap.

Don’t quite understand. Do you have a new /home and a new root partition plus the old drive still in the computer cradle and you want to use the partitions on the old drive in new roles, what roles? Or correct me if I’m wrong.

Like swerdna I do not understand you. What do you mean with a “slave drive”?

In any case, like everybody trying to help on disk partitions, mounting and al that, always askes: Give the ouput of

fdisk -l
cat /etc/fstab

That gives something substantional instead of a vague story.

And it may help (so I am not sure because I do not even understand what you want) to read SDB:Basics of partitions, filesystems, mount points - openSUSE

I did it in the past to recover some data from old drives. The basic course of action is:

  1. Connect the old HD with your computer. Then boot. Don’t mess with fstab.

  2. Find out what partitions you have. fdisk -l is the command. See the post by hcvv.

  3. Let’s suppose what formerly was your /home is on /dev/sdc3. You should have kept notes on this anyway. Replace sdc3 with your correct value!

  4. Mount it manually:

mount /dev/sdc3 /mnt
  1. Copy from /mnt to whereever you like.

  2. umount /dev/sdc3

Is it that what you want?

It’s a long story. Had 11.1 on my old PC that gave up the ghost. Being somewhat short on cash (particularly with the exchange rate against our Rand), I bought a refurbee. Installed the HD in the new one and all OK except for router. I suspected hardware problem although USB ports were OK.In desperation I tried an old Ubuntu as a check: this connected immediately. Scratching around I found a live CDROM bought a year ago and hey presto, it worked! So now I have an operating system after installing the live cd and downloading the software. What I need to do is copy from the original HD to the new one that I have loaded.

I guess that I could disconnect this one, mount the old one, copy to a stick and transfer that way. Just thought there might be a more elegant solution.

I hope that clarifies my original bleat. :wink:

In that case you could open the case and put the drive inside on a spare port and mount it in the running openSUSE and copy data from old home partition to new home partition. see reply by Vodoo