mounting shared folder from virtualbox

I am running openSUSE 11.4 milestone 2 in virtualbox. I can mount a shared folder from the terminal using “mount -t vboxsf sharename mountpoint” but when I add the code to automount it in /etc/fstab which is “sharename mountpoint vboxsf defaults 0 0” it fails to mount. I get no error messages. the code works in a dozen other Linux distros so I am assuming openSUSE is looking for something else?


I’ve never auto-mounted the VB shared folder, but could it be that the vboxsrv has not yet been started by the time it tries to mount the share?

well, it must since it works in every version of linux mint 9,four versions of pclinuxos 2010, crunchbang 10, sabayon 5.4, fedora 13 and 3 flavors of ubuntu. I think it’s looking for some option I’m not aware of.