Mounting partitions on demand?

I am a newbie about Suse. Firstly, I’m sorry for my poor english. Secondly, I have searched the forums and couldn’t find the reply for my answer.
I installed openSuse 11, from livecd with kde 4 and everything is, apparently, working satisfactorily. But I noted that there isn’t on demand mounting for partitions, as happens now with other distributions.
I am not talking about registering a partition in fstab file for automatic assembly in the boot, but the on demand mounting, as for example in the latest Slackware, where konqueror fm presents a media storage panel, in which you can mount any partition with a simple click.
I don’t know if this is a characteristic of kde 4 or if due to some security policy of distribution, which requires some editing and modification of the file /usr/share/PolicyKit/policy/ or another. In that case, what should I change?
Thanks for replys.