Mounting partition with fstab

I have a fifth partition on my main ssd on which I am trying out ultramarine (fedora). I have leap-15.5, tumbleweed and neon. Leap is my main system. I use grub in leap to boot all partitions using “90-persistent” in my grub.cfg.
Tumbleweed loads ultramarine from fstab at startup bot leap will not with exactly the same fstab entry.
In leap I get a dependency issue, have to comment out the ultramarine fstab entry and reboot. However I can do a straight forward mount in leap from console.
If it makes any difference I have kde plasma5 on all my systems ex neon which is now plasma6 rc.

The question is??

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Post the “fstab” line that is giving problems.

The fstab line relates to /system4:

UUID=0f7ee77a-c729-427b-b2e7-887c2e751a2f  /            ext4  defaults                     0  1
UUID=5aba97ac-6097-45c2-85ca-6fac12b32b42  /tumbleweed  ext4  data=ordered                 0  2
UUID=735d2289-4854-43eb-80bf-a926af732d47  /home/media  ext4  data=ordered                 0  2
UUID=1d03c36b-c23b-4638-9b58-3a4fe289de7d  /backup      ext4  data=ordered                 0  2
UUID=0985-998A                             /boot/efi    vfat  utf8                         0  2
UUID=891e1491-670f-4cb4-b45f-0095be90c1e4  /home        ext4  data=ordered                 0  2
UUID=b388da66-11a8-4fd2-862b-682f6939f82d  /home/spare  ext4  data=ordered,noatime,nofail  0  2
UUID=289c9ac8-cb2d-47af-a07d-52ec98c8d30e  /system3     ext4  data=ordered,noatime,nofail  0  2
#UUID=ca49c774-1e81-43f5-9414-e43d945e5ac4  /system4     ext4  defaults,nofail      0  2

I will make a wild guess.

On my current desktop system, I have both Tumbleweed and Leap 15.5 installed. I mostly use Leap. When running Leap, I cannot “fsck” the Tumbleweed partition. That’s because Tumbleweed is using a newer version of “ext4” with features not supported by Leap.

I’m guessing that you have a similar problem with your “/system4”. That is, it to say that it has features not supported by the Leap “ext4” software.

You can perhaps look at Bug 1216110 to see if the suggestions there are helpful.

Sorry, but that is not an exact error message. In general “dependency issues” are reported with respect to installing software packages. With respect to “mounting” I can only reason that mounting to a mount point that does not exist before another mount is done can be called a “dependency”.

And that seems to be the case here. As the mounts at boot are done in the sequence they are in /etc/fstab, the system will try to mount on /home/media before the mount on /home is done. Thus the mount point /home/media does not exist at that moment. :frowning:

So move the /home/media entry below the /home entry (where the /home/spare entry is.

I don’t think that’s the problem. All partitions mount except partition5 (uuid=ca49…etc) which is why it’s commented out. If it’s not commented out then leap does not complete the boot.

I don’t know if the e2fsprogs fix would be applied to leap or ultramarine. I actually get a dependency problem trying to install it on leap.
Your guess appears to be corrct if I was trying fsck but I’m not sure if that’s the right fix for the grub issue in leap.

So post the Issue, make a Screenshot or Photo.

It’s the standard screen when trying to boot where the boot fails because there’s an entry in fstab that it has a problem with. It just hangs with “a dependency failed for /system4 … press control+d or enter root password”.
Grub can boot all other entries but /system4(partition 5) so I comment it out and mount it manually.

So copy and paste here the complete command you use to mount it manually.

sudo mount /dev/sda5 /system4

Was that just a joke? As I’ve said that works.

That is NOT the equivalent of what happens when you use the fstab.
What about

mount /system4

(of course after umounting first).

The thing folks here are trying to get to is that we can’t see what you’re seeing, and specific error messages and commands are more useful than descriptions of what you see.

It’s possible to research specific error messages and commands - much, much harder to do so with a description of what you see.

I would probably also suggest sharing what’s in your ‘90-persistent’ configuration in grub.cfg.

It also would probably be useful to see what’s in the fstab for your Ultramarine installation for the partition in question, and to compare that with what you’ve got in TW and Leap.

Just remember that we’re not psychic - we only know about your setup what you share with us - so we need your help to help you. :slight_smile:

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Mount it from commandline and post:


You mout with /dev/sda5, but use the UUID in /etc/fstab.
Not the same.

[sudo] password for root: 
NAME   MOUNTPOINTS UUID                                 PARTUUID                             FSTYPE
├─sda1 /boot/efi   0985-998A                            49bf99c2-f296-4388-a506-984b65c1fec5 vfat
├─sda2 /           0f7ee77a-c729-427b-b2e7-887c2e751a2f 88de7f1b-be66-46af-b2df-d7860877f092 ext4
├─sda3 /tumbleweed 5aba97ac-6097-45c2-85ca-6fac12b32b42 d3e06d23-03a7-441b-8846-306a3e00b0bc ext4
├─sda4 /system3    289c9ac8-cb2d-47af-a07d-52ec98c8d30e 7bff0d09-36cd-4471-9670-65989c988c44 ext4
├─sda5 /system4    ca49c774-1e81-43f5-9414-e43d945e5ac4 bfaf7f43-62a0-42bb-8aa9-e1ddc136c26a ext4
└─sda6 /home       891e1491-670f-4cb4-b45f-0095be90c1e4 80e32336-8d08-452a-8c76-7f60f79a0d23 ext4
sdb                                                                                          mpath_me
├─sdb1             1d03c36b-c23b-4638-9b58-3a4fe289de7d 10e9c2ed-d6e4-4693-83e9-18e53efaa391 ext4
       /backup     1d03c36b-c23b-4638-9b58-3a4fe289de7d 10e9c2ed-d6e4-4693-83e9-18e53efaa391 ext4
sdc                                                                                          mpath_me
├─sdc1             735d2289-4854-43eb-80bf-a926af732d47 e2317983-1f38-439a-a965-f2d700ebfbd8 ext4
├─sdc2             021218c7-dbb2-483f-a01c-4b724b5c1901 5a0b3c87-141c-4652-b524-ada3ee62e8b4 ext4
  │    /home/media 735d2289-4854-43eb-80bf-a926af732d47 e2317983-1f38-439a-a965-f2d700ebfbd8 ext4
                   021218c7-dbb2-483f-a01c-4b724b5c1901 5a0b3c87-141c-4652-b524-ada3ee62e8b4 ext4
└─sdd1 /home/spare b388da66-11a8-4fd2-862b-682f6939f82d 2989932b-0f60-4eec-8127-924b23758ed3 ext4

Yes the /dev/sda5 can be sdb or sdc. I do whatever it takes.
The fstab files are all the same except of course for each root folder.

If the fstab file in leap is uncommented, system4 mounts manually with ‘sudo mount /system4’ but prevents leap from loading with “dependency failed for /system4” unless I comment it out.

This not the end of the world because I don’t really need it mounted all the time it’s just handy to have it there as I occasionally check something and it’s a small nuisance if I’ve forgotten to mount it.
To be honest I’m surprised at amount of help you’re all trying to give and I appreciate it.

So do as it says and capture complete boot logs with all errors (journalctl -b --full --no-pager).

What exactly does it mean? Do you want to say that even grub fails to read this filesystem?

That wasn’t very well written. I meant grub can load system4 if I choose it but it can’t boot leap unless I comment out system4.