Mounting NFS Shares according to LDAP Authentication

Hi there,

I am posting this as I have tried several times to work this out. I have read article after article, post after post and tutorial after to tutorial to sort this issue.

I have an Ubuntu 10.04 machine running as the LDAP and NFS server with two Opensuse 11.3 desktop machines.

Both of the Opensuse machines can login using the LDAP server for authentication and this works fine. The server also exports the NFS Shares no problem but I am unable to mount the shares from the Opensuse machines. I have been using Yast, NFS Client to mount them.

Yast NFS Client can see the shares and lists them however when I apply the settings it states:

‘Unable to mount entries in etc/fstab’

I need to mount the shares according to the LDAP details as I want the users to be able to access their files no matter which machine they login at.

Can anyone shed any light on the issue. Any help would be great and I would be enternally grateful as I am now beginning to pull my hear out slightly.


you need the automount option.

what error do you have when you try to mount that fs on /etc/fstab?

I am guessing that you want home directories shared from the server.

On the server export the sharePoint.

cat /etc/exports

On the client side setup automount. Add the following to /etc/auto.master and comment out +auto.master.

/home   /etc/auto.home

Create /etc/auto.home.

 vi /etc/auto.home
 *       serverNameOrIP:/sharePoint/home/&

Enable autofs in Yast2/System/System Services(RunLevel).

Hope this helps.

Dave W