Mounting network-shared drives fails when upgrading to 11.4

I have a D-Link DNS-323 network drive which mounts at multiple points to my filesystem when booting. I had to make some fstab changes when I upgraded from 11.2->11.3 last year, and now the same thing seems to be happening since I’ve upgraded to 11.4.
When I login to my profile the desktop hangs and no icons appear. I cannot open a Nautilus window, or access ALT-F2, however just about every other program works fine.
Since I disabled the fstab lines (slightly modified when copied here to generalize):

#// /home/user/Documents cifs   guest,_netdev,uid=user,gid=users
#// /home/user/SHARED-FOLDER2 cifs   credentials=/home/user/.scripts/.creds,_netdev,uid=user,gid=users   0 0

the desktop icons load and Nautilus works.

Can I adjust my fstab syntax to correct this and get my network drives back?
I think last year the issue was in referencing the “.creds” file…

Thank you!

I’ve loaded XFCE 4.8 and can access the mounted folders with the original fstab lines in Thunar.

So I think I have a Gtk issue and conflict.

Here is some Terminal feedback I’m getting:

~ sudo gedit
root's password:

(gedit:21190): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: 

# gedit
GLib-GIO:ERROR:gdbusconnection.c:2279:initable_init: assertion failed: (connection->initialization_error == NULL)

Enable the lines in fstab again and mount one of your drives manual in a terminal and post the error that pops up.

command: mount /home/user/Documents

NOTE, you need to become root if UID from /sbin/mount.cifs is not set.

OK, I’ll have to backtrack to see what I did, but after re-enabling the fstab lines it works!

~ mount /home/user/Documents
mount: according to mtab, // is already mounted on /home/user/Documents
mount failed

I guess you have solved your issue. Do some tests to see if it is stable now. If it fails, copy the message you get from the terminal command and paste it here.

The message you posted means:

  1. the share is already mounted. rotfl!


  1. if the share is not mounted, mtab contains corrupt data. :open_mouth: