Mounting Leap 42.1 encrypted Btrfs volume

I somehow borked the bootup on my new Leap 42.1 during an update, and now the system will not load. I have a recovery Leap running on a different disk, and would like to mount the volume to recover my files. Unfortunately, the recovery Leap does not automatically mount the crashed system’s volume, and I can’t find how to mount it manually.

How do you mount a Leap 42.1 encrypted Btrfs volume?

It’s not that I don’t know how to mount a drive, or how to mount an encrypted drive.

It’s because I don’t know how to mount an encrypted Btrfs volume. This is the default configuration for the openSUSE encrypted system, and I can’t find the magic mounting encantation documented anywhere.

Someone out there has to know how to do this, would you please help?

Do you mean you have LVM which is encrypted and contains btrfs? Well, in this case you will need to activate your volume group first (vgchange -ay name-of-your-VG), manually start cryptocontainer (cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/name-of-your-VG/name-of-your-root-volume enc_root) and mount btrfs (mount /dev/mapper/enc_root /mnt). “enc_root” is arbitrary name you give to encrypted container that is created.

One problem may be if volume group has the same name as your running system (can well happen if you simply accept defaults during installation). I am not sure what happens in this case. Just try and tell us :slight_smile: