mounting devices in Suse 11.2


I came into this strange behavior related to mounting DVDs and/or CDs in SuSE 11.2 :
after inserting a DVD intro the DVD unit, and mounting it through the “device notifier” applet, I find the disk mounted in /media under a folder named after the disk label (as expected) BUT … the folder is in fact padded with blanks after the name found as label for the disk.
For ex.: I have a DVD called DVD_ROCK2
The mounting is made in "/media/DVD_ROCK2 " (the folder created at mounting time in /media has 14 characters (if I counted them correctly) instead of the only 8 from the name of the disk

Now, please, can anyone tell me where do I have to change this behaviour ?

This does affect my application “cdcollect”, which crashes when it encounters a mounted disk which contains spaces in it’s label.
I tried to adjust cdcollect, by modifying it’s dources (trying to “trim” the name readed as disk-label, but with no results; anyway I am not good at C#, and even kinda hate this language, so… I’d prefer a solution coming from Linux’s point of view: what changed in the mounting system from Suse 11.1 till now ? what can I do to change this way of mounting the disks ?

Stranger enough, I cannot state this happens with every single one of my DVDs; the ones wich are mounted this way are generally written in the same PC, in older versions of SuSE (11.0 and 11.1).
Unfortunatelly, I had an older written disk (way back on SuSE 9.x) which does not behave this way (it is mounted in a folder with the name created exactly as the label is, without the padded spaces).


> For ex.: I have a DVD called DVD_ROCK2
> The mounting is made in "/media/DVD_ROCK2 "

are you certain the the DVD’s actual label is not "DVD_ROCK2 "?

where that " " might be a tab stroke (or two) or four ‘spaces’ or
maybe a couple of presses of enter (a pair of unseen end of line and
line feed characters)…there are probably other possibilities i’m not
aware of…


Most certain :slight_smile:
It’s easily seen in mc, as I try to “cd” in a subfolder, it shows it like this:
/media/DVD_ROCK2 /Iron Maiden

In fact, when I try a manually “cd” into that folder,
cd /media/DVD_ROCK2 - it doesn’t work
With autocomplete, I can see now that there are 7 spaces added to the right, so the folder is <</media/DVD_ROCK >> (7 spaces added in the right

maybe you misunderstood my point, or i misunderstood your problem…

i understood you to say that you have a DVD which is (apparently)
labeled “DVD_ROCK2” but when HAL finds and mounts it, it is shown as

and my point was: maybe it really IS labeled "DVD_ROCK2 " and
not “DVD_ROCK2” so therefore, when it is mounted it is showing you the
correct label…

see, you assume that when mounted it is showing wrong because you
think it is labeled “DVD_ROCK2” and not “DVD_ROCK2”…so my
question was/is: are you certain the the DVD’s actual label is not



OK… as far I can remember, I never put any label which contained spaces on the disks I wrote over time. Only if the software (k3b) did that by himself (I doubt that though…).

OK, I tried yesterday to write some files on a new disk. The same problem: when I mount the disk (“automatically”, by means of that applet, “Device notifier” – knotify4, isn’t it ?) it is mounted like that:
<< /media/ALLSTUFF >> (that is: ALLSTUFF padded to the right with 7 more spaces). This also happens when mounting that disk on another computer which also have Suse 11.2 installed.

May this be the problem ? The way of mounting the disk ?
If I manually mount it through mount command, from command line, the problem goes away, since I must give a folder to mount in, at the command line…

ok, that sounds like a bug, but i wonder why it seems to only be on
your machines (that is, i’ve not seen anyone else with this
problem…have you?)

lets see if someone else has a better idea…maybe, how to look
inside the DVD and see what label is actually therein…

or, confirm that HAL (or whatever the mouthing magic is called) is
suddenly adding unnecessary spaces to K3b burned DVD labels in 11.2

oh, and you can check to see if someone else has logged a bug, here:


I have the same problem too with an XPlane9 DVD which has the same blanks at the end of the label.
The fix on the Xplane forum works for me
Temp Fix For ‘Oops! I Got A Bad Dirchar!’ Problem After 9.10 Upgrade. - X-Plane.Org Forum
but this seems to be a new problem with Linux 11.2 - I did not have it with 10.3 when I installed it with exactly the same DVD.

it is a bug (i know that since i too have now seen it reported several
times)…what i do not know is has a bug report been filed…

i won’t do that since i’ve not seen that behavior myself…

it is probably a bug introduced in some patch/update not long before
early december 2009…

it may as suddenly just go away, when the fix flows…but, you never
know–it is always best to see if the bug has been reported.


I can also verify the problem in OpenSuSE 11.2 with X-Plane 9. The same problem seems to be present in Ubuntu as I have seen it in forums.
One thing that I would add is that I am unable to umount the DVD or any other removable media for that matter. My USB flash drives and any DVD are locked in place until I reboot. I get a message that the files are still in use, but I can assure you that all applications using the media have been closed. There is a .hal-mtab-lock in place.