Mounting an ext3 partition that's on another computer connected via ethernet

What must be done to mount an ext3 partition that’s on another computer which is connected via utp crossover cable? I can’t seem to figure this one out, though I’ve read somewhere that it can be done, and I’d like to know how.

In brief:

  1. On the source: create a network share of the mount point for the ext3 partition, using a network tool e.g. Samba or NFS
  2. On the destination: mount the share in a local folder using a network mounting tool like cifs

Do you need more? Or does that get you started?

As an addition to swerna’s advice.
I suppose the other computer is a Linux one (because of the ext3). Then use NFS, not Samba.

After reading your post, it seems that your knowledge stops at the point having a cross-over cable. Wheh that is true, you must start from lower to upper:
. create IP addresses on both systems for the network cards in a subnet (private range) that is not used by the systems (if they have other NICs).
. check if the network between the two functions (e.g. ping).
. you can now configure and start NFS server on one system.
. then you can configure the nfs client.

And as a last remark, when you next time ask for something, provide then more information. We are missing here: operating system and level on both systems. And any other information that you may think of, to make it easier for us to answer you. Just saying you have two computers and one cable lets us asume your level of knowledge is very low. This is not a problem on its own, but we want to know were to start to teach you things.