Mounting a Windows fat32 partition

I have my data like music,etc stored in a fat32 partition so I can work with it both in linux and Windows. The partition is mounted and I can read and write which is what I want. However, the files and folders on the partition are all mounted with owner = root. Same thing holds when creating new files and folders, I can create them with user account, but the owner is set to root instead of me. This wouldn’t be a problem until I tried this:
downloaded a tar archive and placed it in the fat32 partition. When I try to extract the archive it tells me that permission is denied… Strange since the users groep has rights to read and write.

So what should I change in the partition module in yast or in fstab to solve this?

In fstab use an entry something like this:


And make sure that the folder to which the partition is mounted has the permissions of the user and group users.

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