mount volume

weet iemand hoe je als je een externe harde schijf op je linux pc aansluit dat volume moet mounten want dat doet dat niet vanzelf bij mijn opensuse

laat mij iets

Sorry, there are some dutch members here, but in general your thread will get no reactions when you do not try to post in english (with or without errors).

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So I give a loose translation:
Does anyone know how to add an external harddisk to ones system and how to mount the volume, becuae that is not done automagicaly in openSUSE.

First you just connect the disk.
Then start YaST > System > Partitioner. It will show all your disks including the one you added with its partition(s). Select and click Edit
Now, important is if the disk is new, or that it contains data already. When it contains data SEE THAT “Do not format” IS CHECKED! Fill in the parts and especialy the place where yopu want to mount it. Click OK and then Apply when you are satisfied. Now Yast will not only mount, but it will edit /etc/fstab so it will be mounted att every reboot.

More questions? Ask before you click Apply!!!