mount USB-stick before user-login?

Hi there,

I would like to (auto)mount my usb-stick before a (graphical) user-login occurs. I found out that my usb-stick/external hdd is not mounted when I ssh in my openSUSE 11-PC when there is no user logged in.

I have a cronjob that launches a backup-script. This script copies data from harddisk to an external media. I would like the cronjob to work even when the machine is idling at the login-screen. It’s a bit annoying to do a graphical login every time i want my backup-script to work.

Does anyone have a better solution to my problem?


Use the Yast partitioner while it is plugged in, and give it a mountpoint and options. That should write it to fstab as a permanent mount.


works :slight_smile: