Mount Pendrive with NSS Partition


I have a pendrive formated with NSS.
It have important info and I need it.

I can mount this drive with Open Suse?


Seeing this is your first post here: Welcome to the openSUSE forums.

When I ask Wikipedia there are many explanations for the acronym NSS (even when I look only at those in the area of computing). Do you mean Novell Storage System?

When yes, there is no support by defualt in openSUSE (/proc/filesystems dos not have it) and I can not find any packges for it with in the standard repos.

Wikipedia says:

Novell Storage Services (NSS) is a file system used by the Novell NetWare operating system and recently (2004) ported to SUSE Linux.

Wich I interprete as yes for SLES/SLED, but no for openSUSE.

Maybe others have a differnet opion/solution.