Mount parttions with KDE automount and adding other Trash folders to Ktrash?

Hallo Dear OpenSUSE Community

ON my Notebook HP dv-6 with OpenSUSE 12.3 x64 I want to mount my Partitions with the KDE auto mount option in the KDE settings but without editing the fstab so as normal user.
I have an 500 GB HDD with OpenSUSE and Chakra Linux and Kuubuntu 12.04 and Win7 + an big ext4 partition with 330 GB.
I have mounted the big ext4 partition with Yast and adding a mount point to /media.

So my question is it possible to mount all my partitions with the KDE auto mount option without editing the fstab somehow as a normal user?

The standard trash location for KDE is /.locale/share/Trash but I if I mount other internal partitions like the above ext4 330 GB all files that I delete goes there so if I delete very big files it takes to much time transferring to the Home partition.

On Kubuntu and Chakra I can mount partitions as normal use so I can use the KDE auto mount option and the ext4 330 GB partition has its own .Trash-1000 folder and both use this folder for trash files on this ext4 partition.

So my question is how can I make OpenSUSE KDE use the .Trash-1000 folder on another partition?
and maybe it is related to the first question.

This is not a big Problem but if someone know how to do this please tell me.

My question is related to this thread, how can I say to KDE where to mount partitions???
thnx, ciao, :slight_smile: P.

Easy in other distros like Kubuntu and Chkra Linux you go to KDE settings Hardware -Removable devices and enable auto mount and check the partitions you want to mount but on OpenSUSE this can not do a normal user so it do not work this way but maybe it can so I have posted this thread.

You can mount partitions with editing /ets/fstab or simply go to Yast Partitioner and set the right mount points for your partitions.

Yes this I know, and works also in opensuse, but, I would like to decide where KDE has to mount my paritions instead to edit fstab, is it possible???

thnx, ciao, P

OpenSUSE standard mount point for partitions and removable media is /var/run/media but in Kubuntu and Chakra Linux it is /media so yeah I think this is possible but I do not know how.