Mount partition

I want to mount one of my drive with home.
The 1st one is root.
I forgot the command to do that:
not sure.
Any ideas about this.

I’m not quite understanding. You must already have a directory /home from when you installed openSUSE. Do you want to move the directory to a different partition?

Actually i install fresh from windows,and partition was in NTFS before i change it to ext3,Now the root is showing,but the 2nd one is not showing in the computer browser.In partition editor it is there.But the problem i think is the mounting point.

When you want to have your /home on that partition then you have first to save all contents of /home to another place. You may first read Swerdna’s howto on this :Linux HowTo: Use Separate Partitions for the Users’ Data and the Root Filesystem

In your case I think it comes down to Go to your console (the real one) by Ctrl-Alt-F1 and login as root. You could go for init 3 but when nobody is loged in in the GUI I think this is not needed.

mv /home /oldhome
mkdir /home

Then make an new entry in /etc/fstab which e.g. vi:

/dev/sd?? /home                ext3       defaults              1 2

where you of course have to take the right sd?? for your partition. Then:

mount /home
cp -a /oldhome/* /home

Not realy needed, but a reboot will prove that your /home is mounted on boot.
When everything seems to be OK (may be wait for a few days) do

rm -rf /oldhome

to regain the space of your backup.

I really don’t understand. Do you mean that your old home partition has not been changed by your fresh install, so maybe you want to recover/remount it in your new install?In the case it has not been changed and it you want to use it just goto yast>partitioner, and give this partition the right mount point , eg: /home/user. Maybe you could help us understanding if you post the results of the command : fdisk -l as root