Mount multiple directories from two archive drives in one folder


I have two non-system drives with archive files. Each drive is formatted with one primary partition only, occupying all the drive space.
In each drive there will be a number of directories with files in them, like this:

Drive 1:

Drive 2:


Each high-level directory (directory1 to directory11) has a unique name, and directoryXXX represent any number of folders and files.

I’d like to mount these in a third HD with the system/home installed, under /home/<username>/archives/ so that they would show like this:



Its straightforward to do this if all partitions (but one, optionally) hold the content of just one directory, but that’s not my case.

From Yast partitioner I can only mount a hole partition, not individual folders in the partition.

Is this possible at all?


You could mount the 2 partitions elsewhere and then use bind mount to mount the subdirectories under /home/*/archives. Another way is with symlinks.

Thanks, ken_yap, mount --bind seems the way to go. Symlinks require that the original folder/file is also shared, or the client will only see a 0-byte file.