Mount Error or Access Error

im running on openseuse 10.3. i added a hrdsk for extra storage, and used yast for the process…and restrtd the unit but ive noticed that i can put some file in the estra hdd but i have no access of copying it to an external drive

a little help pls…

thanks all

Can you clarify your question? Are you saying you want write access to an external hard drive?

If so, is this external hard drive an NTFS formatted drive?

what file system format is the external drive in? the fact you can’t write to it suggests it is ntfs.

if so… do the following:

install ntfs-3g driver then to check by temporary mount try the following (i’m assuming no other usb device is plugged in etc so i’m saying it’s /dev/sdb1 though this could be different of course:

open console window
enter root password
mkdir /mnt/harddrive
mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/harddrive
chmod -R 777 /mnt/harddrive

this will mount it at /mnt/harddrive (change this to what you want) and will give all users full read write access. if this works, then we can see about editing fstab entry for it for automounting and full read/write access on plug in.

hope this helps??


oldcpu, you beat me to it by 1 minute :eek: hehe. from the question i think that is what the poster wants, hence i gave the info i did (after you posted of course). next post will see.


actually sirs its ext3…suse default filesystem…

heres the scenario…i added another HD to my susesux like a slave to windows…i used yast to format and mount the HDD everything seems ok…i can write and save to the extra HDD but when i copy files from the extra HDD to an external drive or flshdisk…i cant…more of a access denied error

thanks all

ok im trying this out…

one thing ive notticed sirs that my disk space is suddenly growing very fast…

i freshly installed my opensuse 10.3 i just only installed samba and qouta but the diskspace is slowly eatting up

how can i invstigate this?