Mount device via PCI card

My Gigabyte GA-E3800N (rev. 1.x) motherboard has only two SATA connectors. I bought a VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6421 IDE/SATA Controller and plugged it into my one and only PCI connector. Invoking lspci, it is recognized as 02:00.0 RAID bus controller. Is there some way I can mount a hard drive or DVD connected to it, preferably at boot time, because neither device appears accessible anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

It is not clear to me if you have some mass-storage device connected to that controller.

When yes, it should be detected by the system (at boot) and appropriate device files should be created by udev.

So look in dev/disk/* if you can find files there that point to what you think represents the device.

When in doubt or needing help in interpretation, you can post of course

ls -l /dev/disk/*

Does it detect your attached devices if you run (as root user);

Thanks to both of you for the speedy responses. I believe the problem was physical, because when I removed the card to confirm its maker, I wiped the contacts with a liitle acetone. Then just to cover all the possibilities I replaced the SATA cable which had retaining clips with another without clips. Now everything works and the cable is in the garbage.