mount command works in KDE, but Gnome ...

hi there people!
I’m new. either in this forum and whole linux world!
I’m having a problem…I’m unable to mount my ntfs partitions. I’m using opensuse 10.3. with KDE environment, everything is fine. but when I decided to change to Gnome this problem occured. when I type in terminal:
mount /dev/sdb8 ~/Desktop/winpar -t ntfs
and then press enter, nothing happens! even if I wait a few minutes. is there any logs, related to mount command? so I can check them to find out whats going on.
by the way, I don’t have a swap partition…and there is only 500 MB free space on linux partition…can this be the reason? if so, then why KDE works fine in these conditions?
any suggestions?

and I’m sorry for my poor english! it’s not my native language you know!
its my first linux attepmt. and I’m just loving it!rotfl!

anyone? nobody? that’s odd!

Hi & welcome!

Well… not having any issues here with mount under GNOME (terminal).

After having entered the command, check the output of mount. Is your /dev/sdb8 listed?

Is /dev/sdb8 a fixed disk or usb/other type device?

After the mount attempt… type ’ dmesg '. If there are any kernel errors related to the mount, you might find something there.
Also check /var/log/messages (you need root rights to read this file).


P.s. if /dev/sdb8 is a fixed drive it might be easier to add a fixed mount point using YaST > Partitions. Then you won’t need the manual mount each time.