Mount CD or DVD read/write

I have some CDRW discs that were used on another PC running Windows 2000. The discs were formatted as UDF (not sure which version, but probably 1.50) and were packet written using InCD driver. I have installed udftools, and when I open the disc in dolphin I can open any of the files. However if I try to write new files, it fails, and dolphin says "Access denied. Could not write to '/run/media/… Disk utility shows that “/dev/sr0” is read-only. I tried to remount the disc read-write but mount says “mount: cannot remount /dev/sr0 read-write, is write-protected”. Is there a way I can configure my system to automatically mount UDF formatted discs as read-write and be able to create, modify, or delete files in dolphin? I have openSUSE version 13.2, kernel version 3.16.7-29-desktop.

You have to use k3b or other burning software to modify files on rw disks. from dolphin’s point of view all dvds are ro

And that is not (only) Dolphin, it is the system (as you found out when trying to mount it ro). Burning is a complete different action that does not have any connection with mounting.

So Linux does not have the capability to read and write these discs in the same way as other rewriteable media such as USB flash drives? I thought packet writing a medium with UDF file system had been implemented in the kernel.

CD/DVD are not in any way the same as removable USB media. They are a totally different animal requiring totally different tools. Even in Windows things the OS writes to a CD/DVD media are not written right away they are cached and you actually have to do the burn step to commit then to the disk. In Linux the messy stuff is generally not hidden because tools tend to be specialized for a giver job rather then being Swiss army knives. So rather then one program trying to be all things to all people poorly you have multiple programs that do their jobs well