Mounitng /dev/shm stops IP assignment on boot??

I use static IPs in my network and IFup(traditional) this one is dual boot…when the
boot sequence is at the point of assigning the Ip it counts down and fails. But after
startup I can do a network restart and it assigns the IP properly. I am running 11.1
and also had this problem with 10.1. I am using /dev/shm mounted as a tmpfs as
the system seems to move a little faster this way and I recall reading that fglrx (ati proprietary driver) needs it. So here is the weird part If I do not mount /dev/shm
it assigns the IP properly on boot…if I mount /dev/shm it will not. I just recently
discovered this as with 10.1 I just lived with the problem…but on a dual boot machine
it is really a pain. Does anyone have any clue where to look for the issue?? I have
tried emptying shm and it of course does not matter as it is a ram device.

Works for me here on 11.3, I have /dev/shm mounted as tmpfs and I use ifup to assign a static address. Don’t have 11.1 so I can’t say if it was a problem there. Have you tried searching Novell’s bugzilla to see if this is a 11.1 problem?

Will look but had the same with 10.1 …it is really odd and I cannot find any reference to the problem anywhere on-line…I used yast to setup the network
so I would not think that I have any sort of network script issues. Baffles me for sure