Motherboard replacement causes multiple failures

I have a defective motherboard. USB3 was failing. I replaced it with a warranty motherboard. Unfortunately I have 5 HD’s and a DVD player. I think my problem may be the order they were connected. At first it would not boot. I have my / /home and /swap set as /dev/sdb… I think at this point I should have fstab set up by drive_id and this would not have been an issue. :frowning: I have swapped things around and finally got it booting and looking right, however… Strange things abound! The most obvious is no network connectivity. Hardware is eth0 or eth1. Ifconfig shows eth2. ? There is no eth2. So I went to do a hardware scan from Yast2. It hangs at fingerprint. The network tool hangs… On reboot, /home and /var/run refuse to umount, so it hangs. My first thought is hardware problems. So I boot into knoppis dvd. Network comes right up and everything seems fine. I am typing with Knoppix up and running. Now… what I “think” I’ve done is ef it all up by moving things (HD’s) around and then forgetting how I had it before. I tried to set my boot disk to /dev/sda in fstab, but if I recall with my other trials with the new grub, I don’t think this works… so I’m at a loss how to fix it so I can have my boot disk mount as /dev/sda, since I can’t get it working as such. As sdb it comes up but then all these other troubles show up. This should be elementary, but I think I’m just too close to the situation and not thinking it through right.

So a motherboard replacement can be a problem. My most common solution is to reinstall openSUSE, but keeping my /home partition intact and to not reformat it. You thus keep all personnel settings while redoing all systems and hardware settings. If you can’t bail yourself out, a reload is much easier than you might think. It does require a custom partition where you pick all of the old drives and mount points and ONLY reformatting the root / partition and nothing else. To attempt to fix your present setup, I would post a snapshot or screen capture from the YaST Partitioner with all drives/partitions showing and a copy of your fstab file. But do consider that reinstall, custom partition and only formatting the root / partition as one option.

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Whew! I guess I just needed to get away for awhile and de-stress. Came back later and it started coming together.

Since Fstab showed /dev/sdb? for the /, /swap and /home, I made sure that the boot drive was in position 1. I then unhooked 2, 3 and 4. Put the other drive in position 0, but made sure that bios booted from sdb. That seems to have cured it. All the real weird stuff has quit. About the only thing left that is wrong, is the Tvtuner when playing is only showing about every 5th frame. Real jerky. Since the Nvidia driver is still active, I’m thinking it may be a BIOS setting. Maybe I’ve cranked something up too high, or something strange. I should go find some benchmarking software and see if I can see what kind of speeds the busses are running etc.