MOSS contender

Hey all,
It’s been a while since I’v dropped in and things have gotten a facelift. Looks great.
I’m stuck in a M$ Corporate/Governemnt environment and often preach the benefits of OS software. In fact we use a lot, GIMP, PDF Creator, VLC, and many more. But the environment is ultimately M$. I am talking 1800 sites with in excess of 800,000 machines and 1.2 million users. A lot of our site admins have a stand alone linux machine that handles video convesion and CD/DVD duplication etc. But they are a shy bunch who do what they do to get the job done.

As a “global Domain” we use Microsoft Office Share Point 2007 as our “intranet”. Its available anywhere to anyone with credentials. Inside or outside the Domain. These sites are spread state wide in Queensland, Australia. The state is the forest.

I have a Linux answer for everything we do except MOSS. Is there one? Is there a Linux equivelent to Share Point?

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Someone tell me yes.