Moronic Question - How do I download KDE 4.2

I know this is really stupid, but how do I go about downloading KDE 4.2 for openSuSE 11?

What I mean is, I’m on a Windows machine in an internet cafe, and when I click on one-click install, a 10 kb file named “KDE4-BASIS.ymp” is downloaded. I need to download the rpm or whatever it is so I can take it home and install it. I can’t find anywhere I can do that download. Is it even possible? It isn’t feasible to download the live CD, and besides, openSuSE is already installed on my home system.

You’ll have to mirror the whole KDE 4.2 repository (repositories even) or at least all packages from the .ymp, which is just a metapackage.

The .ymp file file contains the data used by YaST Software Management to add the necessary repositories and download/upgrade/install all the necessary packages. If you want to upgrade from 4.1.3 to 4.2, that is not trivial - depending on what you have installed, probably at least a few hundred MB. So it is not a single download, it’s a collection of packages which conceivably can vary depending on what additional software you may have installed.

You need the 4 repositories here KDE/Repositories - openSUSE

You’ll get some plasmoid conflicts just delete the ones that are causing the problem will also have to remove compiz if you have it
Easiest way to update is do it in a console when you’ve added the repos
su -
zypper ref
zypper up


will also have to remove compiz if you have it

Can you explain this? I’m running KDE 4.2 and compiz without any problems. Why are you saying it needs to be removed?