More than 4GB ram on 32-bit 11.1?

Hi everyone, from this link :: Got more than a gig of RAM and 32-bit Linux? Here’s how to use it i saw it’s possible to compile new kernel with some extra settings, so that it does recognize and can use more than 4GB of ram. So I wonder if anyone tried something like this, and what are the results? I know the best way would be to install 64-bit suse, but becasuse of several reasons I just wouldn’t do that. Thanks for your suggestions.

you can install the PAE SUSE kernel which supports systems with more than 4 gigs of RAM. No real need to compile your own kernel. Search for ‘kernel-pae’ in YaST software management and install the default, base and extra packages

Really? , I’ll try it as soon as I get home :P, thanks microchip8

works great, thanks again :slight_smile: