More problems with OS11.1: Dont read DVD

It appears more and more problems!

I dont know if they are related to each other, but it startet with when Yast and zypper hung during installation.
I read in the y2log-file something about problem reading the cdrom.

So now i checked it by putting the OS11.1 DVD in and try to brows it. It mount up as normal, but i cant browse it.
If there was some hw-fault then it shouldnt mount the dvd with the right dvd-label.


Not necessarily, just because it recognizes the drive doesn’t mean the drive is good.
I would try the drive in another known good system, or vice versa.

Does it read any other DVD’s or CD’s?

I would start with some testing and swapping then let us know what you’ve got.

Well since i just installed OS11.1 i reinstall everything.
There was/is nothing wrong with eighter DVD-ROM or media.

Now it work again and i will try to see if it happen again! Now Software Management work again also.
All the problem i expreienced is now gone.

Now i will try to kompile and install ATI driver.
If you dont hear from me, then it meens it doenst work!