More Printer Problems now with Firefox

This box is using OpenSuse 12.3, and like most of you, probabably, was running Firefox version 28.

Over the past couple of days, Firefox has been truncating printed web page, with everything beyond a certain margin being cut off.

Trying to set printing to landscape mode doesn’t work, either.

I’m using a Brother 5370Dw printer with Brother Linux drivers.

Normally when I print off info from a website if a line is too long it just automatically adjust to print.

I see other discussions on the net about similar problems with Chrome.

By reverting to Mozilla Firefox version 20, the problems have disappeared.

It appears as if no one is testing a new version of Firefox before uploading to repositories. I don’t expect that’s the case, so what else has changed between version 20 and 28?

Does ‘Print Preview’ show this problem too, or only when actually printed?