More on Evolution 3.2.3 in Suse 12.1

This is a followup to a question I sent earlier today. I have now found
the directories which contain the e-mail data and have moved them to
my larger disk. So far so good, but…

  1. i cannot find a way to do a sort solely on date. If I sort on the
    date, I seem to get a subsort on subject even if the subject sort
    seems to be off (the caret not up OR down). How do I do a pure date
    sort? Also, if I delete a message, the pointer sometimes hops to
    another part of the list rather than just moving down to the next item. I
    assume this may be related to the weird sort.

  2. The file structure for storing e-mails is different in the new 3.2.3 evolution
    than whatever version was in Suse 11.3 (which I updated from).
    Do I have do import every mailbox from the old to the new version
    one-by-one?? Or is there something that will automatically update
    my files from the “old” format to the “new”?



How did you back up your files and settings? If you used the tool in Evolution, evo should restore these to the new system.

I have a “system” disk and a big “work” disk. In Suse 11.3, I had
the data files set up so that the ~/.evolution file on my system disk
pointed to the e-mail files on the work disk.

When I upgraded to Suse 12.1, I yanked out the “system” disk,
built 12.1 on a new “system” disk and copied my old /home directory
from the 11.3 disk to the new 12.1 disk. So I now had a new copy
of evolution and a soft pointer (~/.evolution) to my (unchanged) work disk.

When I started the new evolution it didn’t see the pointer. I have now
setup soft pointers in my home directory to the work disk for the new evolution,
but I apparently have to import all the old stuff into the new because the file
structure for e-mail files has changed. And, as I said,
I can’t get my inbox to sort “properly”.

What is this “tool in evolution” you referred to???


I don’t know if this will work but it’s worth trying. Create a tarball including your .evolution and .camel_certs directories,

tar -czf evolution-backup.tar.gz .evolution .camel_certs

Import the tarball into Evolution from File->Restore Evolution Data.

I tried it, but when I selected the tar file, evolution appeared to hang up. I gave it a couple of hours
and nothing happened, so I killed it.

Actually, since I can import files one mailbox at a time, I’m more concerned about the order that
messages appear in and the related problem that if I delete a message, the pointer sometimes hops
to somewhere else in the file rather than moving down to the next message. If I can’t fix that, I think
I’m going to try some other mailer (Kmail?).