montior goes blank and trackpad

Ive been trying to figure out why my monitor goes blank when the mouse is idle for a min and blinks a few times right after mouse is moved. have a vaio szvgn691 with their xbrite LCD.

Also i’ve been trying to disable double click on the trackpad (changing xorgconf tap time values did not work)
Appreciate the help.

Could be your powersave settings.

Though if you are plugged in the AC, default setting of Performance should be OK.
I always pretty much disable powersave on AC connection (Performance)

Ah!.. looks like that wa.s it … Thanks for taking the time to post… Appreciate it.

You are welcome.

Must be time to hit the sack in Atlanta

oh ya midnite… 2 more hours to hit the sack though… guessing its real early there now… if your in UK

woah didnt see your posts… almost 4000 … u should be an expert here … i’m a noob …just joined today. Started using suse about a week back. learning a lot of stuff.

Yes, UK now. +5hrs (so now 5am)

But I’m worried about my Citrus trees back in Fl. 34652
Crap it’s cold!

well atleast its in FL… its been freezing here latley.

Maybe I just have loads of time on my hands?!

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