Monodevelop and Dropbox

This isn’t a question, more like a rave.

I decided to work on this small web app in C# and it will currently run on Windows (XP Pro) but unfortunately my Windows machine has a 12" screen and is not conducive to reduce eye strain when developing.

My solution; I have placed my Project files into a Dropbox folder, set up Dropbox on my other machines (e.g. Linux Desktop w/20" monitor) and made sure I had Monodevelop and XSP installed in Linux!

So far, it has worked wonderfully. For the database I am using MySql since both types of systems can run it pretty well, and back it up into a SQL script I place in another folder in Dropbox so I can update changes across the board.

The only thing that doesn’t work yet is Publishing, but that is because it is publishing to the local C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ directory which the Linux systems don’t quite understand.

That’s OK because with XSP I can run the project locally on Linux to test things out and I am thinking that if I set up a local home web server (running LAMP: Linux, Apache, Mono & PostgreSQL) then so long as all of my machines reference the server the same it should work from either system.

Monodevelop has come along nicely and while it may not be as good for me as Visual Studio, it is close enough that I don’t feel dread moving to using Monodevelop instead of Visual Studio.

If I get the project done in time, I would love to try having it hosted on a Linux system instead of the Windows system, but we’ll see.

Has anybody tried this kind of a set-up with SpiderOak?