Monitoring Computers using AutoYAST?

Hello there,

I have a question about AutoYast. Afaik it is tool for unattended installations which can be used to get computers in the network with the same configuration and less operations. You know what I mean :slight_smile:

AutoYast is also able to generate XML files which have these configs of the system.

My question. Is there a way or program which might check all configs of suse machines of the network generated by autoyast in order to see, if those are equal? Maybe there is an alternative.

Important for us is that, we can control over a server, that all packages which are installed on the clients are the same. I’m not sure, If nagios is able to do that though. I have my doubts, because Nagios is not suse specific. How would it tell the package setup over nagios?

There must be a solution for that. We also want to be informed over the server, when some changes in any client happen.

I hope you someone can help me.

You could look at using snmp (hrSWInstalledName) to read all installed
software and compare to a pre-defined list?

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