Monitor wont turn off after shutdown

Hi guys,

Ever since I installed openSuse 11.2, my monitor wont turn off after I shutdown my computer.

The monitor light changes to orange, like its turning itself off. But then the light changes to green and the message “no signal detected” comes on - then the light turns orange. This cycle repeats untill I manually hit the power button to turn it off.

I booted to windows 7 (dual boot), shutdown, but it is still happening!

Like I said, this started happening immediately after I installed openSuse.

Any help, this is so annoying!


If this is happening from W7 as well, I’d say, it’s not due to openSUSE.
Unplug power cables from computer and monitor. Wait one minute, plug power chords back in, and boot in W7, then shutdown. If the problem persists, it’s a hardware problem, just a coincidence it appeared after installing openSUSE. openSUSE does not change things to your hardware.

That’s a strange coincidence. I think suse definitely has something to do with it, but i’ll try what you’ve recommended.


breakitdown wrote:
> I think suse definitely has something to do with it

and, so will the maker of your computer if you take it to them an say
this monitor is broken and it began right after i installed Linux…

then they will explain that you voided the warranty when you installed
anything other than Win7…


Which is of course huge nonsense, but they’re cheap skates and like to avoid support by making up stupid excuses for it.
Don’t tell them anything about Linux when you bring in your monitor. Just tell them you have no idea what’s wrong with it.

I built my computer piece by piece, so I don’t think I voided any warranties by installing windows 7.

Well I did what Knurpht suggested, and it now works fine.

I unplugged my monitor and all power cords for about 5 minutes, that did the trick!

Thanks a million guys!

Cheers, enjoy your openSUSE.

Thats funny that this subject comes up, I’m sure everyone has heard about best buy voiding warranties because of Linux. Well, I had a little thing happen to me about a month ago. I bought a black friday special from walmart and about 2 months later it died. The computer came with Windows 7 64bit which was way to heavy for the specs of the laptop, so i wiped it and installed ubuntu(this is before I came to openSUSE)Since the PC was dead I was unable to reformat and reinstall Windows(talk about sweating, it was only $200 but still thats money I didn’t have) So I sent it off to Emachines repair site) About 2 weeks later it comes back fixed and with the repair invoice. I know big deal, but in large bold, dark print it said that the system was repaired and tested with current OS Windows 7. Guess what the machine still had Ubuntu on it, they never did reinstall Windows. So maybe I got lucky and got a cool repair tech, who knows.