Monitor upgrade CRT->TFT: can i boot?

i upgraded my Monitor from a CRT to a TFT. It is now useing DVI cable, not analog D-SUB. Can i boot openSUSE without destroying the new shiny TFT? I read somewhere it is possible to damage a monitor if you have the wrong configuration. Is that true? What can i do to boot openSUSE to text mode to change configuration if i have to?


New monitors don’t allow frequency changes that aren’t in their configuration thus you can boot with any frequency/range - you simply won’t get an image and the display will tell you that the current configuration is “Out of range”. The ‘can damage monitors’ was only an issue back in the day when CRTs didn’t have a failsafe mechanism built into them. Those days are now long gone.

In case you wish to boot directly to “text only”, type 3 into the boot loader. Just 3, nothing more. This will boot you into “Full multiuser and networking but no graphical user interface” - you can then proceed to login as root and run sax2 to reconfigure your display if it doesn’t automatically detect the display properly.