monitor sleeps after 30 seconds

I’ve run into a strange issue after a recent 12.2 install, which is that my monitor (Samsung T260HD) will go to sleep after I am idle for 30 seconds (unacceptably short for me, it’s really annoying). Originally, I did not have this problem, but whenever the monitor was put to sleep by power management settings, it would go into a cycle where it repeatedly wakes itself up and goes back to sleep every few seconds (displaying “DVI input” and then falling back a sleep, without ever showing the desktop). I fiddled a lot with the power management and screen saver settings to try to prevent this, and the new problem started. Certainly every setting I can find is set to way higher than 30 seconds. It still does the cycling thing whenever it sleeps, but my main concern is the 30-second thing. The timing is consistent. Any ideas?

Another complaint is that one of my fans (not 100% sure which yet) runs a lot faster (hence louder) under openSUSE than Ubuntu or Windows, even when idle, and I’m not sure why. I haven’t even begun to try to troubleshoot this on my own, but I figured I’d mention it in case anyone knows what’s causing it…

Your post doesn’t give any clues as to whether you use kde or gnome or…

Sorry, it’s KDE.

Here are my Powers settings
SUSE Paste

Obviously I have the screensaver off too
SUSE Paste

This is embarrassing, but the problem seems to have gone away on its own… I really appreciate your help, though. I’ll revive the thread if it comes back (I’m still really confused as to why it happened at all).