Monitor resolution resets to 1368x768 after turn off/on

When I turn off my monitor (or when it goes into power-save), and turn it on again, the maximum resolution is reset to 1368x768. This already messes up any screen layout at HD, but it is extremely bad for a UHD (4k) screen.

Even worse, I have to reboot to get the original resolutions back. This is a severe issue.

It happened with a recent update (maybe to 4.15.1), and it occurs on two different systems (both with amdgpu). Seems as if I have to roll back.

Maybe disabling the new “AMD Display Code” would help?
Try to add this to the kernel parameters:



Oh no …

I’ve been waiting for months for getting HDMI audio output, so I was happy to see the DC available finally.

OK, I’ll try.