monitor off after first boot

I install Opensuse 11.1 64bit on my computer with ati graphics card(radeon 2100- onboard ).
After the installation finished successfully,When the boot process completes then monitor turns off.
Please Help :’(

Are you sure this is what is happening?

Please try the Failsafe boot from the grub menu, see if it does anything different.

Thanks For reply
There is no problem in failsafe. But in normal boot monitor turn off after loading is done

Looks like you don’t have the proprietary ATI driver installed. There’s a wiki about how to on

ATI - openSUSE

You can work from failsafe in the meantime

I installed Graphic card but Problem not solved :X

Boot with failsafe and then open a terminal and post the result of this:

cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf