Monitor calibration

Hi there.
…I am a bit into photography and I am missing one big thing in SuSE KDE and Gnome - monitor calibration. In my windows I do it with a spider [] but as you probably know 99% of this things does not work with Linux. But it works with Mac which is BSD. Is there any way to get KDE or Gnome to be able to use Monitor Profiles from Windows or maybe is some way for Mac drivers to be used with Linux… Because of this problem I can’t use my suse permanently and I am forced to use Vista which is driving me crazy!!! Please let me know if anythink can be done it this situation.

Thank you


I’m sure something in here should help Linux color management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia try webpin if looking for a specific package/app Webpin or failing that give the build service a search between those 3 I’m sure there is a solution.

Argyllcms and Lprof are the linux tools that will handle monitor calibration, and I think the spyder is supported by argyll. Argyll is a console app (but menu driven), Lprof is GUI.

Personally, I found the documentation for both a bit too obscure - which made me lose patience. Since I have XP as a boot option on my workstation, I just booted XP, ran the XP calibration/profiling app (I have a Display2), and copied the profile back to linux. It works fine for me in Digikam, ufraw, gimp (and also Firefox 3 rc)