Monitor aspect ratio Samsung 226BW / GeForce 8600GT

I’m quite newbie with openSUSE and I just finish installing 11.3. Everything works perfectly expect few issues with my display setting.

I’ve installed SUSE on my laptop Acer Aspire 5920G and I got Samsng 226BW as my second display. How can I change the resolution of my Samsung display to 16801050? currently set as 1024768 and I can’t change it.

Do I need to update my NVIDIA driver? if so how can I do that?

finally, If I get this fixed how can I set my Samsung to be the main display?


If you haven’t specifically downloaded and installed the proprietary driver, then you’re using an open source driver by default. To be sure about which driver is in use, start by reading:

SDB:Configuring graphics cards - openSUSE

An NVIDIA guide for openSUSE:

Nvidia Installer HOWTO for openSUSE users

Info on NVIDIA (and other useful repos):

Additional package repositories - openSUSE

Enable ONLY those which you need, otherwise it can bring trouble for new users.

The proprietary nvidia driver comes with a set of tools for configuring display devices: In particular ‘nvidia-settings’ is a graphical utility that may be useful to you, once you have installed the required drivers.

Hope this helps.