Modules load on boot: no Yast entry.

Hi, guys.

Suppose I need the cpuid module to load on boot. Previously, on openSUSE<=13.x, I was able to add the corresponding entry in Yast, specifically, via /etc/sysconfig Editor, section system->kernel. There is no such entry on Leap anymore. I have two questions in this regard:

  1. Why was the entry for the modules loaded on boot deleted from Yast, and
  2. What is the regular way to add the modules in Leap?

Thank you.

Because it isn’t used any more, not even in 13.2 I think.

systemd provides its own way to automatically load kernel modules on boot.

  1. What is the regular way to add the modules in Leap?

See “man modules-load.d”.

Oh boy, it’s Poettering again…
Thank you very much, anyway.

Probably not. Systemd is not only about Poettering, there are many more people involved…

In the end it doesn’t matter at all though whether this has been done by Poettering or anybody else. Some people apparently hate everything that’s associated with his name, but I won’t go into this.

The fact is, that (open)SUSE had it’s own distribution specific “hack” for this before, and the maintainers decided to not port this to systemd, as systemd provides a (standard) mechanism for this itself.
And the systemd way is more in line with how it is done in other parts of Linux (e.g. /etc/modprobe.d/, /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/, …) anyway.

You mix mechanism to load modules at boot with GUI to configure this mechanism. I do not see why changing mechanism automatically means removing GUI to configure it.

No, I don’t.
In earlier versions, /etc/sysconfig/kernel was evaluated by a sysvinit script which then loaded the corresponding modules (IIRC).
This was removed, and now /etc/sysconfig/kernel is not used any more for specifying kernel modules to be loaded at boot.

The “GUI” you are talking about is just the general YaST /etc/sysconfig/ editor, which just displays the contents of the files in /etc/sysconfig/ and allows to change them (although you could just as well use a text editor).
As /etc/sysconfig/kernel is not used any more for loading kernel modules, it doesn’t help to modify it for this any more either.

You could add back the corresponding strings to the file and YaST would allow to change them, but it won’t have any effect of course.

The GUI has not been removed. But it never was about configuring modules to be loaded at boot in the first place.

Btw, it was already the same in 13.2 at least, maybe even earlier.