modprobe: WARNING: Error inserting aesni_intel

On boot I see -

Please enter passphrase for /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST9160821AS_5MA7HWM3-part6 (cr_sda6):
modprobe: WARNING: Error inserting aesni_intel (/lib/modules/2.6.30-50-default/kernel/arch/x86/crypto/aesni-intel.ko): No such device

Anyone know what that means?

Obviously it’s a module problem, but anyone know anything else? The file does exist by the way.

I’ve seen this ever since I changed to the kernel under openSUSE 11.1 64.

It appears right after I enter my LUKS password, but everything seems to be working properly.

Not life threatening, just curious :slight_smile:

I had module errors like this on 11.1 64bit kernel, therefor switched back to 2.6.29. And that was not the only problem. Tested same kernel on the laptop, same kind of erronic stuff, modules not being loaded, not being found, though they were at their place in /lib/modules…: module ath5k not loaded, yet wireless connection.???
Couldn’t afford to dive into it, due to work.

Upgrading to 2.6.31 ??