Modesetting (?) to get discrete graphics

Hi All: I hope this is the right forum… I just installed Tumbleweed on my HP i7 ZBook laptop. It has a “discrete graphics card” in addition to the intel integrated graphics:
Model: “nVidia GK208GLM [Quadro K610M]”
Model: “Intel 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller”

I haven’t set up to use the K610 by default in a long time. Is this a risky thing to attempt in Tumbleweed? IIRC, the procedure is to remove a couple of files (in YaST) and select the NVidia equivalents. Or maybe there’s a reliable (recent) HowTo page?

I don’t see any reason to use the Intel graphics, so no switching back and forth is desired. The NVidia is better for games…

Thank You Very Much

SDB:NVIDIA SUSE Prime - openSUSE Wiki has what you need to know about your Optimus graphics configuration on openSUSE.

The UEFI of your machine probably has a setting which will allow you to use the NVIDIA-card only.

If you activate that setting openSUSE will install itself with the nouveau graphics driver and you can later add a repository to install the NVIDIA proprietary drivers.

Thank you both for the suggestions. I’ll give it a try as soon as I work up the courage to risk another reinstall! :grin:

Update - I found that Tumbleweed had a few “rough edges” for some of my requirements, so I wound up installing 15.5 - so now I need the procedure to permanently switch on NVidia discrete graphics. It’s probably linked on the page you originally gave me for Tumbleweed, above.