Modem problem in Suse 11

When I installed suse 11 on a dual xeon machine (32 bit), everything worked fine. Untill I tryed to use the modem. This was a very difficult one. I tryed different modems and tryed them on a different machines as well (windows based). On windows there was no problem. Then I tryed different kernels, and downloaded an original kernel from The Linux Kernel Archives. Nothing seems to work. Untill I installed a kernel from suse 10.3. Because I always used this version with modem without problem. And that worked.

With the newer kernel versions all commands to communicate with the modem works. I can set up in different way’s and with all initialization and other command I get the ok returned, unles I give a wrong command.
The problem is the only command which does not work is ATDT<number>
Or only ATDT. Then I get an error. So there is no way to dial out !!

Therefore I am completely puzzled on what can be wrong, but the testing result seems to reveal there is something wrong in the newer kernels. ???

Is there anybody with the same problems ? Or knows what is wrong ?

WHICH error? It could be as simple as your modem waiting for the dial tone while you live in a zone that doesn’t have dial tone…

Which modems did you try?

You’ll have the best luck using an external serial modem. If you have a serial modem but no serial port, you can use a USB to serial adapter.

I have used at least two different modems on Open Suse 11, so it’s not a kernel problem.

Most likely you are using a “winmodem” and these are not supported, unless you buy some software (which I won’t name because I don’t like their product) that costs about the same as a new modem.

Give us some specific information about the modems you have available to use and we can help get you set up.

Thanks for your kind response.
If this was a winmodem, why would it be no problem with an older kernel ?
It actually is an external modem, dynalink, and on the box is even say “Linux supported”
I also tryed an older modem, but gave the same response.

The error is just the text ERROR in the modem terminal.

The same answer actually for the waiting dialtone. The error answer from modem comes directly after the command given.

The modem is now working with installing an older kernel. However, this is not a desirable situation

What more specific information do you want to know ?

But thanks for thinking. I appriciate.

Kind regards

In the newer versions of Suse you have to manually enable smpppd. Go to YAST / System / System Services and turn on smpppd.

Hopefully that’s the problem. Setup should be the same otherwise as it was in earlier versions.