Modem configuration


I recently bought an IBM Thinkcentre (2.6 GHZ, 512 Megs ram) . I switched my hardware over from old machine to new. This included CD & DVD drives, Hard Drive, Nvidia Card & External Modem.
Booted machine up and had an initial problem w/ the GUI. Got that fixed. Then went to go online and ran into another problem. Linux (Suse 11.) under the new environment assigned the modem as tty-so-1 instead of old- So-0. I had a real hastle trying to change the settings for the provider, finally removed modem, rebooted machine and started over w/ yast. Configured modem & internet provider, but when I try to go online, I get this error message-

"Could not connect to local server. Maybe smpppd is not running or you are not a member of the group “dialout”. Also check the server settings in the dialog box “various settings”. Anybody have any ideas? It almost sounds like it thinks it’s on a network.