Where would I find a package called “mod_php_any”? I’m setting up a web server (lighttpd) and I wanted to install phpMyAdmin and rpm -i came back and said that dependency was needed for the install. So, OK, I tried to install squirrelmail and got the same error.

I tried using webpin to find it and I looked in the at repositories/server:/php:/ sub-directories with no luck.

Need a road map please.


Hi there,

as far as i know,
there is only that mod_php_any as part o the apache2-mod_php5 package, and so it is only available for apache,
and in lighthttp you may want the php5-fastcgi modul to use php5 with lighttpd. I dont know if it the solution for
the problem, but currently all i know :slight_smile:

johest – Thanks for the tip. installing apache2 with apache2-mod_php5 fixed the problem.


Well, switching from lighttpd to apache wouldnt i call fixed the problem" :slight_smile:

No but it seems to fix the original problem. Having spent tears as a programmer, I never got into the sysadmin side so everything I’m doing is totally new (and sometimes very confusing).

Thanks for your help.