Moblin on 11.3 M7

As per the release notes, M7 comes with support for netbooks both with the KDE netbook shell, and with Moblin. I’ve installed the Moblin packages, but have noticed the lack of a moblin-session package. Is there some alternative way to start the Moblin session?

I have not tried this.
Are you using the gnome or kde login manager?

Bear in mind that Moblin has been superseded by MeeGo and that future work will be going into MeeGo.

See Hands-on: MeeGo for netbooks picks up where Moblin left off

I’ve tried to get Moblin to work a couple of times, I stopped because my experiments destablized almost anything on my laptop, lots of hardware errors.

I’m well aware that MeeGo just released 1.0, and I’ve tried it on my netbook. I like openSUSE’s software offerings and community, and would like to combine the two and get the best of both worlds.

@caf4926: I’m using Kdm4.

My line of thinking was, if you had the gnome desktop installed also, you could switch to it’s login and window manager. Just to see if it is any different in it’s offering.

I was thinking about that a little earlier today. I might try it later this weekend.

It looks like a simple case of restarting. It now shows up on both kdm and gdm; however, there’s only a black screen when I enter the session.