Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family in DELL Latitud


I had different issues concerning the configuration of the right resolution for SUSE Linux (KDE4). At first, the problems occured when trying to use two monitors at the same time (laptop display and VGA monitor). Without the second monitor laptop display was fine (1440x900) - when connecting the monitor to the laptop resolution switch automatically to 1024x768 on both displays and no matter what could not be changed to any effect.
Removing the VGA cable and restarting reverted the laptop diplay to functional 1440x900.

Yesterday I started my laptop and KDE crashed. After restarting the resolution is stuck by 640x480. As before when using two displays I am not able to make any effective changes concerning the display resolution - it stays 640x480.

Has anybody an idea. I did all the updates for SUSE and KDE in the past days. Might it all be connected with a driver/hardware problem? Does anybody know, where I can get a driver from Intel for Linux and how I install it? I’m still new to Linux and so far didn’t install a driver.


Hi man,

I use a Intel graphic adapter and I am have problems with 3D applications.
I have recently posted a this bug in the Novell Bugzilla. According to *Stefan Dirsch *(a guy that work developing Mesa packages) I have to waith for new Mesa packages to try solve my problems.

So, let me ask: What is your version of opensuse? What is your graphic adapter? Are you using desktop effects?

I think you problem may be caused because the drivers you are using are not stable for your graphics adapter, so it is my problem.


I am using an integrated graphic chip of intel (Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family) in a DELL Latitude E5500 Laptop.
I installed SUSE 11.0 with KDE4.0 but ran the update check every day, so am up to date with the newest version of both.

The only desktop “effect” I installed so far is a picture frame with a slideshow of pictures stored on my harddisk - so no 3D issue here.

I just plugged my VGA on before starting my laptop and - as I said - it’s back to 1024x768 on both displays. At least the letters aren’t gigantic anymore… but restoration of the optimal resolution 1440x900 would be most welcome. :wink:

Any ideas on where to get suitable drivers for the intel chip?

I do not know where get drivers for your graphics adapter since I use drivers that are present in Mesa packages. I think these packages have also the driver needed by your graphic card since it is Intel.

But, when I used opensuse 11.0 (with KDE 3.5), my graphic adapter used to work fine, actually much better then I have it working now. But, since KDE 4.0 is the first line of new KDE it should be not very stable. So, your problem may be caused by the version of KDE that you are running and not by drivers as we are thinking.

However, it could also be that your problem was caused because your display is not configured as it should be. Then, try run sax2 as root and see if all the options seems correct to you, as you graphics card and monitor type. For example, your monitor is as a Vesa monitor when it is actually HP (I am not saying your display is HP, I am just giving you an example. You must be sure about your king of graphic card and monitor before change options in sax2). See also if both 3D acceleration and dual head mode are enabled.

Note: test the changes before save them!