Mobile Broadband with Network Manager

Under opensuse 13.1 KDE I’m using a Mobile Broadband connection with a t-mobile surfstick and the network manager. This worked smoothles without further configuration for a long time. Since today no internet connection can be made anymore. Under windows the surfstick still works.

How can I find out where the problem ist. I did not made any changes in configuration.


Can we assume the device is still recognised?

It could be the result of a firmware update regression, there have been a few significant updates recently.

Perhaps first try and tell us exactly what is different now, apart for the fact that it doesn’t work

Hard to say what the problem might be from your limited description. When you try to connect, observe the output from /var/log/NetworkManager

Check out these tips for debugging ModemManager

Thanks. My description was limited because I have no clue :slight_smile: And really nothing has changed in the network setup.
In the meantime I’ve noticed that a resolved ping (ping works but e.g. ping does not.
Is it possible that the provider has changed the dns server ?
Can I find out in windows which dns server is used with the surfstick ?

Thanks ! I found these two lines in the log

2014-06-08T08:10:48.940810+02:00 cccc NetworkManager[849]: dns-resolver: ATTENTION: You have modified /etc/resolv.conf. Leaving it untouched…
2014-06-08T08:10:48.942091+02:00 cccc NetworkManager[849]: dns-resolver: You can find my version in /etc/resolv.conf.netconfig

So I put the old file in place and it works again.
But who has modified ‘resolv.conf’ ? An update ?
And why does Netwokmanager does not use the connection settings ?
Far from understanding this.

If (for any reason), resolv.conf is modified a new connection will not attempt to modify it further. (Its main purpose is to keep any manually specified name servers in place). I have had this happen from time to time myself.

I have been using Huawei GSm modem with opensuse13.2. it was working fine for a while, after an update the device is not listed in the network manager itself. But it is being
detected. Anyhelp ? w/ internet life really too boraing. :’(

Hi karthikeyansavithri

First, welcome to the foums. Second, it is good practice to start your own new thread, rather than tacking on to old threads like this, no matter how similar the problem may appear to be. Include a descriptive title, and providing enough useful information about your hadrware and problem so that others are not left to guess the details.