Mobile Broadband vs NBD HDD


I am using Gnome on OpenSUSE 11.0.

I’ve set up my ZTE-MF622 on 3 Mobile Broadband (UK) using NetworkManager 0.7.0 - even got other storage devices to work at the same time.

BUT it only works if I disable the LAN, which gets DHCP from a router. I only need the router to host a Netgear SC101 NBD HDD enclosure.

I can mount the Ext3 FS on the SC101 BUT only if I have the firewall disabled. I don’t know how to configure the firewall for it.

I think the modem vs LAN problem is down to routing - I get DNS lookup failure messages when using wvdial. I would like to sort this out with yast2 lan if possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

When I dial the mobile broadband I get the following info on device ttyUSB0:
Subnet Mask
Default Route
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
The IP address varies.

My router (D-Link DSL G604T) is set to and has DHCP enabled. It assigns me, and get assigned to the SC101. I don’t know what to set the router to, and what to configure for eth0, so that I still have access to the NBD drives attached to the router without crippling the dialup mobile broadband.

I also don’t know how to configure the firewall for the above.

Please help. I’ve tried to fathom it myself and searched the net for anything that could help, but I haven’t been able to get my head around it.